What is Evaluo?

Evaluo provides support for all testing processes: from test creation, test delivery, candidate management, result reporting and analytics.

What is evaluo?

For the creation of tests, the only limitation is the imagination of test authors. Our platform provides support for more than 15 different question types, which can be used for easy creation of tests as well as question banks.

Question banks serve as repositories for questions of different categories, types, as well as difficulty levels. They are created once or over the time and are used to automatically generate and distribute unlimited number of tests, by simply specifying the number of questions per test and difficulty level.

For each created question, authors can also include reference to the syllabus, learning materials or other references. In this way they can create tests which can be used as diagnose tests or preparatory tests.

Test authors can publish tests as public or private. In case of public tests, which are available for everyone, test authors can choose to share the test through all social media and different communication channels.

Private tests on the other hand are available only for invited users. Test authors can create users very easy, by simply inviting candidates into groups.

This can be done by adding their email addresses, or by importing the user information from external files(CVS, XLS, XML, etc.).

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Test Creation

Quick, easy and intuitive creation of e-Tests. Supports questions with text, images, audio and video. Incremental creation and update of tests.

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Question Bank

Creation and grouping of questions in different question banks for later use. Efficient creation of new tests by using existing question banks. Generation of new tests from existing question banks according to different criteria, e.g difficulty of questions. Support for different question types.Innovative way for organizing, classifying and reusing questions and generating tests.

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Benefits for candidates

• Easy access to different tests, available through the public channel of Evaluo, or institutions where access is provided.

• Support for searching, filtering and sorting of available tests, based on different criteria (category, language, country, author, price, etc.)

• Increase of efficiency and efficacy of learning and self-evaluation. Support for the creation of own tests.

Intuitive and attractive question types

• Evaluo simplifies the testing process by providing attractive and rich question (text, images, audio and video).

• Through the exposure to more than 12 answer types, they will be perceived as attractive and user friendly.

• Furthermore, Evaluo tests are accessible through all (iOS, Android, Web).

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