For each created question, authors can also include reference to syllabus, materials or other references.

In this way they can create tests which can be used as diagnose - or preparatory tests.

References Image

Test authors can publish tests as public or In case of public tests, which are available for test authors can choose to share the test through social media and different communication channels.

Private tests on the other hand are available only invited users. Test authors can create users very by simply inviting candidates into groups.

This can be done by adding their email or by importing the user information from external (CVS, XLS, XML, etc.).

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By using the reporting and analytics of Evaluo, test authors can easily monitor progress of candidates and generate analytic reports.

Analytics test Image

For test authors that are looking to monetize their Evaluo provides support for sales of tests, by handling the payment process at very competetive conditions.

The total sales will be reported to the test authors every The share of authors from generated revenues is 70%, which will be transfered to the provided bank account of test author within 30 days. 30% are the provisions of the test platform provider.

The only thing that test authors must take care of is to have good contents and define the right price for their tests.

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